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Home solar power stations

There are two types of home stations. Autonomous solar power stations and grid solar stations.

Because of forced emergency shutdowns in the electrical network of Ukraine, the issue of backup power and autonomous operation is now very sensitive for every Ukrainian. The best way out of this situation is the installation of an autonomous solar power plant.

Solar power stations for enterprise

It is these stations that will allow you to fix the cost for electricity for your business – 0.50 UAH / kWh for the next 30 years.

This prospect may be quite interesting for business owners, given the fact that the cost of electricity for legal entities and private entrepreneurs constantly increasing…

Solar power plants

  • Industrial power generation
  • High profitability
  • Low running costs
  • Long service life
  • Short payback period

MEGAWATT – your energy independence

MEGAWATT Company is a highly qualified contractor and reliable supplier in the solar energy sector with many years of experience and many successful projects: from the installation of small home solar systems to the commissioning and launch of industrial facilities, as well as stations at enterprises for self-sufficiency….

Our mission :

We have the opportunity to live in a time when the problems of global warming, the extraction of non-renewable resources and the constant increase in the cost of tariffs are relevant….

Our vision:

To be the leader of the industry in western Ukraine!

And the leadership position obliges to the most competent and the most effective solutions, to the availability of the most qualified specialists, to the most optimal price-quality ratio…

Our values:

Our values are encrypted in our name – MEGAWATT

My company, Environmental friendliness, Goal is customer, Ambition, Well done, Anti-crisis solutions, Trend-oriented, Trend-oriented…

Buying solar panels for the house means getting a stable electrical network by connecting to the existing one. Solar batteries are a backup power source and a big plus for businesses and private homes in the event of an emergency power outage.
Our company provides a full range of services in Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil and other regions. You can buy solar batteries, order them turnkey for the house, for the house, for the cottage, and the price is calculated for each individual case.
Turnkey solar batteries are used:
• private home ownership, dachas;
• shops, offices, cafes, warehouses;
• at facilities where there is no electricity;
• at facilities with long periods of power outages;
• at facilities where an increase in allocated network capacity is required.
Solar panels are portable, can work together with the city grid, replacing the electricity produced by solar panels from the grid, and also increases the allocated power and at the same time is an uninterrupted system for the house. They will be suitable for the military, they will help create a business, if you buy enough capacity for a certain number of megawatts to sell excess electricity.
The main advantages of solar batteries for a turnkey home:
1. It is ideal if you buy solar panels for the house to install on the roof.
2. Saves electricity during the day, keeping all the advantages of autonomous solar plants.
3. Savings on paying electricity bills up to 70%.
4. Autonomy during periods of emergency power outages.
5. Sale of surpluses to the city network (in the future).
6. At current electricity prices, depending on the region, autonomous solar panels will pay for themselves in about 7-10 years.
7. Source of ecologically clean energy. Reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, thereby reducing the greenhouse effect.
We work for the client, so we offer reasonable prices for solar batteries compared to competitors in Ukraine. We have a comprehensive approach, a qualified staff that will help you buy solar panels for home, business, military and other purposes. We will always recommend the best option at reasonable prices for specific purposes.