Solar Power Plants

One of MEGAWATT’s activities is turnkey industrial solar stations with connection to the “green” tariff.

The solar radiation that falls on the earth’s surface during the week is stronger than all the currently known world reserves of fossil oil, uranium and coal combined. In addition, solar energy is environmentally friendly, its production does not produce carbon dioxide (as in thermal plants), it is completely radiation-safe (unlike nuclear plants) and does not generate waste that requires further disposal (slag and radioactive waste).

That is why, in Ukraine, as in all of Europe, the development of solar energy on an industrial scale and an increase in the share of RES (renewable energy sources) in the general energy system are stimulated. Currently, the RES share looks as follows:
Denmark – 64%
Sweden – 54%
Germany – 50%
Spain – 44%
Finland – 40%
Austria – 35%
France – 27%
Italy – 20%
Poland – 15%
Ukraine – 7%

Thanks to the support of the EBRD and the “green” tariff, investment in industrial solar plants is one of the most profitable types of business in Ukraine. In the 2019-2020 period alone, about 5 billion euros were invested in the photovoltaic industry. The total capacity of solar plants for businesses installed in the country now exceeds 7 GW.

Turnkey solar stations for business is profitable and that’s why?

1. High profitability. You can buy a solar power plant for business without collecting documents and permits, and making money from generation is more profitable than dealing with real estate or keeping money on bank deposits. ROI (return on investment) averages 16-18%.

2. Low operating costs. Solar stations for businesses are inexpensive to maintain. A staff of 5-7 people is enough. The panels and the inverter do not require complex and expensive maintenance.

3. Long service life. A solar power plant for business is a power plant that will operate for 25 years or more…

4. Short payback period. A solar station for business and personal consumption quickly returns the invested funds, and the more powerful it is, the faster the return process. Depending on the region and class of equipment, investments are repaid in 5-7 years.

The MEGAWATT company is ready to become your reliable supplier and contractor in the construction of industrial SES, offering high-quality solar stations for businesses and enterprises in Ternopil, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk.