Solar panels

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Trina Solar 540W BF (bifacial)

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The decision to buy turnkey solar panels for a house with peripheral equipment will allow you to fully provide your house with environmentally friendly electricity. You will not depend on the instability of the centralized network, and if the power plant has a sufficiently large capacity, you can switch to a completely autonomous power supply, and if there is a surplus, you can earn by selling electricity back to the network. Our company offers the cheapest solar panels that can be found in Ukraine without batteries.
Solar panels for the house

Any SES is a very reliable source of energy. Solar panels for a private house from our company have an effective service life of more than 25 years, and the lack of generation at night or in cloudy weather is fully compensated by the supply of stored energy from batteries, if you use solar panels with a battery.

Even if you buy solar panels that are small in size, the owners will get stability in the network voltage. This will significantly increase the service life of your electronics and household appliances. Small solar panels are often chosen for summer cottages and homes because their cost is affordable for many families. Solar panels for business have a slightly higher price and more power.

You can buy solar panels for different purposes. The cost of a ready-made kit for the house directly affects the tasks for which the SES is chosen. The main ones are:

1. Ensuring complete autonomy of electricity supply of a country house or country house. Solving this problem is especially relevant where classic power grids are absent or supply power with interruptions.

2. The desire to use an alternative power source not only for lighting, but also for heating, so as not to depend on the seasonal on/off of the central heating.

3. Obtaining the opportunity to earn money by selling surpluses to the state.

Any of these options mainly depends on the state policy of forming electricity prices and the quality of the worn-out power grids.

We offer solar panels on the roof, for the cottage, home, business, as well as for the military. You can buy individual panels from us, or order turnkey solar panels in bulk, so that the price is more convenient for use. The turnkey service includes a complete set for installation and the installation work itself in Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil.