PV inverters

Inverters for solar batteries are a necessary element of a photovoltaic plant. The use of SES without this device is impossible, since the panels generate direct current, and the vast majority of electrical appliances require alternating current.

The MEGAWATT company is ready to offer an inverter for solar panels, the price of which differs from the type of the unit itself. You can buy an inverter for solar batteries of the following type:

1. Stand-alone option (without built-in charger) – intended for stations, with independent functioning, without connecting to an external network.

2. Network (On-Grid inverters) – in parallel provides energy to electrical appliances of the house or country house and gives the surplus generation to the external network at a green tariff.

3. Hybrid (combined inverters for solar batteries) is a combination of an uninterruptible power supply and a solar battery charger, with the possibility of manual or automatic switching between operating modes. These inverters combine two devices: an uninterruptible power supply and a solar charge controller. Such an inverter can work as a source of uninterrupted power, and the built-in charger charges the battery from the network or generator.

Inverters for solar batteries, their price depends on the difference in input and output current.

When installing an inverter for solar panels, it is important to follow 2 rules:

1. Do not violate the polarity of the connection with neighboring elements.

2. The length of connecting cables should be limited as much as possible, and the cross section should be selected according to the power (current) in order to minimize losses and ensure the safety of current transmission in the circuit.

Inverters for solar power plants are selected according to a number of rules and criteria. MEGAWATT employees are ready to help with this issue, provide advice to choose inverters for a solar battery with or without a battery.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about inverters for solar batteries and uninterruptible power supplies – contact our managers and they will help you buy an inverter for your tasks. We can carry out installation work in Ternopil, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk and other regions.