SMA 110kW

Sunny Tripower Core 2



Manufacturer SMA (Germany)
Rated output power 110kW
Size 1117 x 682 x 363mm
Weight 93.5kg

SMA Solar Technology AG is a German company (Niestetal, Germany), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of inverters and monitoring systems. The newest technological base and a staff of experienced employees allows us to develop innovative products that have no analogues in the world. SMA inverters have the highest efficiency and reliability rates in the world, which is why they have long been called the “German machine”.

The company was founded in 1981, the headquarters and main production are located in the German city of Nistetal. SMA has its own offices in almost 30 countries around the world, the company’s annual turnover has long exceeded 1 billion euros.

SMA inverters (System, Mess und Anlagentechnik) are true German quality, excellent service and equipment warranty.

MEGAWATT is a wholesale supplier of SMA PV-inverters