Home solar systems

One of the activities of MEGAWATT is “turnkey” home solar systems.

There are two types of home stations. Autonomous solar power stations and grid solar stations under the green tariff. Let’s consider each of them separately.

Because of forced emergency shutdowns in the electrical network of Ukraine, the issue of backup power and autonomous operation is now very sensitive for every Ukrainian. The best way out of this situation is the installation of an autonomous solar power plant. The latest technologies allow us not only to supply the house with backup and autonomous power, we can also protect your devices from high or low voltage.  

The main components of a solar station are an inverter, batteries and solar panels. The principle of operation of the autonomous station is very simple, the solar panels charge the batteries, and the inverter from the batteries transmits electricity to the house. If there is not enough solar energy, the batteries are charged from the network. We can configure the system for permanent autonomous operation or in such a way that the automatic system starts only in the event of a power outage.

The Megawatt company works only with reliable and proven equipment. At our facilities, we use the newest batteries with an increased resource (more than 6,000 discharge-charge cycles). Thanks to this, our autonomous solar stations are more durable, their resource is more than 16 years. The modern look and compactness of the system give us the opportunity to install autonomous solar stations in apartments, houses, offices, small shops and other premises. If electricity tariffs go up rapidly, you will no longer be concerned. Ordered and installed an autonomous solar power plant,

You will forget about raising tariffs once and for all.

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Network solar stations work somewhat differently. More on that later.

More and more Ukrainian families are installing grid solar power stations with connection to the “green” tariff. If back in 2017 there were about 3,000 of them, then by the beginning of 2022 there were already about 30,000. families, home solar stations for the home produce a total power of more than 780 MW today in Ukraine. And what is a real breakthrough for our country is the norm in other EU countries. In Germany, for example, there are 1.3 million such families…

The main components of a grid solar station are an inverter, solar panels and a reversing meter. The principle of operation – solar batteries generate electricity, the inverter transmits it to the network. The reverse counter records how much electricity the solar plant generated and how much electricity the building consumed. The station owner has the opportunity to sell the difference between generated and consumed electricity to state institutions (OblEnergo, Energy Supply Companies) at a green tariff. Such a scheme makes it possible to consider the establishment of a domestic SES as one of the most popular directions for investment in Ukraine. The total amount of investments of the owners of home stations is about 1 billion USD. It’s not surprising… One domestic SES with a capacity of 30 kW can give a net profit of $6,000-$7,000/hour. And the payback of the project is spent funds – about 4 years

According to such financial and economic indicators taken from practice (stations installed by us), a home solar power plant is not only a movement towards energy independence of its owners and an improvement of the ecological situation, but also an opportunity to create a “passive” business with a sufficiently high return.

The MEGAWATT company is ready to become a reliable supplier and contractor for you, building home solar power plants. Contact us, make an appointment for a consultation to calculate the cost, capacity and make a decision on installation.