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Home solar power stations

There are two types of home stations. Autonomous solar power stations and grid solar stations.

Because of forced emergency shutdowns in the electrical network of Ukraine, the issue of backup power and autonomous operation is now very sensitive for every Ukrainian. The best way out of this situation is the installation of an autonomous solar power plant.

Solar power stations for enterprise

It is these stations that will allow you to fix the cost for electricity for your business – 0.50 UAH / kWh for the next 30 years.

This prospect may be quite interesting for business owners, given the fact that the cost of electricity for legal entities and private entrepreneurs constantly increasing…

Solar power plants

  • Industrial power generation
  • High profitability
  • Low running costs
  • Long service life
  • Short payback period

Solar plants help to solve a number of problems related to electricity supply. Our team and company will always help in this, you can buy turnkey solar stations for home and business from us. We offer clients various solutions. Yes, business owners can get:
1. Simplicity, since it is not only easy to buy solar power plants, but also simply to install them in the existing network, without collecting a large number of documents.
2. The convenience associated with automation. The client simply watches the work through the application.
3. Savings on electricity up to 70%.
4. Electrical independence. Solar stations for the home provide a fixed price for 1 kW – 0.9 UAH. for 25 years.
5. Environmental friendliness, own solar power plants – an image that will present the business as an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly type of activity.
We offer to buy solar stations for the following areas:
1. Restaurants, own houses, shops, etc. with an annual output of up to 50 mW.
2. For enterprises, factories with energy production of 100-200 mW.
3. For industry and shopping centers. Industrial solar power plants are ready to provide from 300 MW per year.
For solar stations, the price from our company is at a moderate and pleasant level for the client. We are client-oriented, so we select the optimal solution for everyone, based on goals and objectives. Autonomous solar stations will help not only to save, but also to get a long-term profitable project. When ordering solar stations for business, you can be sure of the transparency and simplicity of the work process, which the masters of their field are working on.