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Hybrid solar system 6kW+6kWh (battery)

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Hybrid solar system 10kW+18kWh (battery)

Ready-made turnkey autonomous solar power plants have the following set:
1. Photoelectric batteries in the required quantity and corresponding total capacity.
2. Solar inverters to ensure uninterrupted operation of the system.
3. Battery charge controllers and batteries themselves (except network power plants).
4. Peripheral equipment for connection and protection – cables, connectors, diodes, control electronics, appropriate fasteners.
Autonomous solar stations for the home have a complete set, so the price will be a little higher due to the use of batteries. A battery is not required for network stations, but two tariff meters must be added to the list. Hybrid and combined options combine the capabilities of autonomous operation and connection to the network.
When choosing autonomous solar stations for the home, it should be borne in mind that the price of the finished kit will increase in proportion to the total power of the station.
Autonomous solar stations on solar batteries have different placement options:
1. On the ground. Optimal placement of a large number of batteries with the potential to change their direction in the sun.
2. On the roof. It is used mainly in conditions of dense construction and the absence of a suitable plot for convenient accommodation. The advantage is the saving of space and the minimum number of cable lines.
3. Mobile – for small sets used to charge batteries of vehicles, in long tourist trips, etc. The advantage is the lack of attachment to the place due to small dimensions and weight.
When choosing autonomous turnkey solar stations, everyone chooses the type of accommodation themselves, depending on a number of circumstances. If autonomous solar power plants for the house are placed on high roofs with a large angle of inclination, the cost of the kit will increase slightly due to the difficulty of performing work at height.
Autonomous solar stations can be connected in different ways:
1. In parallel – in order to increase the current strength at a constant output voltage.
2. In series – if you want to increase the output voltage, which allows you to use solar energy more efficiently, reducing electrical losses.
3. According to the mixed parallel-serial scheme – in sufficiently large SES, it is used to obtain any necessary electrical parameters of current and voltage at the output.
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