SunPower 455W

One of the most efficient solar panels in the world


Manufacturer SUNPOWER
Nominal capacity 455W
Type Mono PERC (Half cell)
Size 2020 х 1016mm
Weight 26kg

SUNPOWER is one of the undisputed world leaders in the production of solar photovoltaic modules. The company was founded in Silicon Valley in April 1985, and in 2011 became part of the concern Total (the fourth largest energy company in the world)

SunPower ranks first in sales in the United States, both in the private and commercial power market (U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2019).

8 out of 10 most famous corporations investing in solar energy choose SUNPOWER (Apple, Google, Microsoft, NASA, Toyota, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Schneider Electric, FedEx, Walmart, IKEA, Bank of America, HP, Johnson&Johnson,…)

MEGAWATT is a wholesale supplier of SUNPOWER panels